Monday, September 20, 2010

Note and UPDATE from Lee.......

So, today I got an email from Lee........ thought I'd share the pertinent parts.........

yea tim!! ill try not to ramble on too much, in telling the story as much as i have, ive got a good shortened version down, so check this shit out.
my old neurologist frm phoenix called me monday, as in 7 days ago. said, they were going to get me in soon if i was still interested, i said yea, how soon do you think, he said wasnt sure and that he would have his assistant call me tomorrow, last tuesday, for scheduling. cool, hung up, waited, got the call tuesday. she said they were scheduling for this wednesday, the 22nd. cool, ill be there, hows it going to work etc? i had a ton of questions all of which were answered. they are hooking it up........ well, insurance wont accept an unheard of procedure, so they wont cover it and what that allows me to do is to get the procedure done with out having all of the money saved up and the hospital will send me a bill that i can make in payments, pay all at once or whatever i want to do which is killer. get it done sooner and pay later as opposed to save save save, show up with 11 grand in my pocket and go that route. so im fucking stoked!

thanks again for all the help.... you gotta know how grateful i am for your help!

only 110 degrees today, stay up man, talk to you sooooon.... leeeeeeeeeeeee

So, the awesome news is Lee doesn't have to wait any longer.......... Still has to pay but it's not life-and-death in getting the cash before he has the treatment.... we still need to hold fast and get dough together but a little of the pressure is off because one of the goals - the main goal - is being met.... LEE IS GETTING TREATMENT!


  1. thats good news. you guys have a ton of good karma coming for this.

    i find it ironic that some of the most hardcore looking dudes are the first to step up and help out someone who's down.