Friday, August 6, 2010

Ok........ Registration begins next week.

Ok, here's the deal.....

We are gonna run an open registration with a $20 fee that will cover camping for 2 nights, chase trucks with gas (which people are gonna need) AND a $5 donation to Lee... We are also gonna run 2 AUCTIONS... one online and one on the run... tickets will be $2 each or 2 for $5 with all proceeds going to Lee. We are gonna sell run swag with all profits from their sales going to Lee as well........ and finally we are gonna print some FUCK MS shirts... once again all proceeds going to Lee.

Our goal is to get Lee to Poland for treatment..... he needs a little over 7G's.......... now, maybe this sounds like a big lump but...... let's make some shit happen..... go on the run.... buy some swag or raffle tickets... it's a couple bucks..... what's the worst you get? An amazing ride or some cool shit and a chance to HELP out! How could that be bad?

Next week we will give all details on the registration and swag for sale.... and each day we will be running a sponsor bio so you can see the amazing swag up for grabs and get a handle on all the RAD people giving up their own product to HELP Lee out..........

For now, check out this slide show of shots from the run route...... I'm telling you this is some of the most AMAZING scenery that I have ever seen..... and the roads are made to ride on a bike!

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