Monday, October 4, 2010

Edit To Route Map around Clemson, SC

Hey folks, we had to make a slight edit to the route as we get closer to the Saturday after party. The Twisted Spoke is just a few miles away from Clemson and they have a home football game that day. Shitty part about that is in effect, the whole city gets to be a gridlock due to traffic. Double check the map and look at the route around Clemson using highway 183 south as we hit the town of Walhalla. From there we will take 24 south east over to Interstate 85 and be on that for maybe 2 - 3 miles and then take 187 north until it intersects with Highway 28. The club will then be over on the left just south of the town of Pendleton. This should easily put us around the gridlock of Clemson. If you are coming from other directions, just be forewarned about Clemson home football games and the shit traffic.

Final destination is the Twisted Spoke, 7603 Highway 76, Pendleton, SC. Tel: 864-646-9500

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