Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just a couple reminders....

First, if you haven't gotten your tickets yet and you're going on the run you need to order them up......... while they won't sell out we still have to finalize the numbers with the camp ground.... so, if you're planning on going PLEASE go and get your tickets.

Second, if you want run swag get to it............ we want to get the most for Lee that we can............ but once the run takes off the swag is GONE....

Get your RAFFLE TICKETS.... unless you live under a rock you know that the swag pile is AMAZING..... and tickets are CHEAP..... get some tickets and sit back..... EVEN if you are NOT going on the run you can WIN. We are having an online raffle on TUESDAY October 12. All you need to do is buy a ticket (and yes, if you are going on the run you are still in on the online raffle) and sit back.... you WILL NOT get a ticket in the mail.... we are putting names in a hat and drawing... a couple days before the raffle we will post up the prize packages so you know what's up for grabs.... it's not gonna be just one thing it's gonna be a grip of rad shit for each winner.

If you are going on the run you will also get raffle tickets that we will use to have a couple drawings along the run route..... there will be opportunities along the route to buy more tickets too if you are so inclined. We will have a drawings at the first stop and at the after-party................

BOTTOM-LINE is you will get tons of chances to win the SICK swag that our sponsors have provided.

NEXT.... if you bought RUN SWAG and you are GOING ON the run you will get your swag ON THE RUN. If you bought swag and you are NOT GOING on the run you will get your swag in the mail really soon.

We will be meeting at the Hooters parking lot on the morning of the run at 10 AM to split.... you will get a run map and all the break-down there....

Have no fear we have everything taken care of..... just show up and have fun.... that's it.

If you have ANY questions let me know - tim at deathscience dot com.


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